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How to create a CSV file for service reviews

How to create a CSV file for service reviews

Want to manually invite customers to review your company on Complete Reviews? Follow this guide to create a customer data file in the right format. 

Which files can I use?

You can either use a .txt or .csv file to upload your customer information. You can create these files in most versions of Excel or a simple text editor like Notepad.

To ensure that special characters (or non-Western European characters) display correctly in your invitations, please save your file using UTF-8 encoding.

Using Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a free spreadsheet application from Google that you can use to convert your files to a format that is compatible with Complete Reviews.

You can:

  • Upload your spreadsheet directly to Google Sheets.
  • Create a new sheet and paste in your customer information. Check the document and ensure everything looks correct. Select Download as from the Files menu, and then select Comma Separated Values.


Using Microsoft Excel

Some versions of Microsoft Excel support saving your spreadsheet as a .csv file in UTF-8 format. Complete Reviews requires this format and encoding. Because not all versions of Excel have this feature, we highly recommend that you use Google Sheets as described above.

To create a file in Microsoft Excel:

Create a spreadsheet that contains the customer emailcustomer name and reference number of your customers, in that order.

Note: If you were not able to organize your CSV file in the specified order, there’s a quick fix. Add a column header to tell our system what data you’ve placed in what column. You’ll need to write these exact header names in English: customer email, customer name, reference number.

Your spreadsheet should look like this:


Once the spreadsheet is ready, save it as a Comma Separated File.

Go to the Save as menu and, in the Save as type drop-down, select CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited).


If you have international characters in your invitations, find the small Tools button and select Web Options. In this dialogue, find the Encoding tab and select Unicode (UTF -8). This ensures that your characters display properly.


Click OK and then Save. You should now have a perfectly formatted file to upload into the Invite Customers module.

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